What can I do to help?

Many people who have experienced the effectiveness of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine find that they wish to help the profession to gain greater recognition within the community. There are things that you can do to help.


In recent years, the medical community has come closer to acceptance of Chinese Medicine as the effective diagnostic and treatment modality that it is. The research which has been going on for several years has begun to yield impressive results.

However, one of the most powerful factors in the growing acceptance has been the fact that it works. When patients get lasting results from a Doctor of Acupuncture after years of frustration with more conventional means, their MD’s take notice of it. Most MD’s want the best care for their patients, and when they see results from a particular approach they are more likely to recommend or support that approach in the future.

If you have gotten good results from a Doctor of Acupuncture, tell your Medical Doctor. Some people are afraid to tell their MD that they have been seeing practitioners of complementary forms of medicine, because they fear that the MD will not approve. Most MD’s have seen the reliable, positive research results about acupuncture, and good care providers will be interested in finding the best possible treatment for their patients. They will be interested in learning of your positive results with a Doctor of Acupuncture. More importantly, your Medical Doctor and your Doctor of Acupuncture will both be able to provide better care if they know of each other’s efforts. This is why we often use the term “complementary” rather than “alternative” medicine.


We have a “Friend of the Profession” membership category. While such members do not have voting privileges within the organization, it provides a way for you, as a patient, to support our efforts to advance public awareness of Chinese Medicine in Rhode Island.

The membership fee for this category is only $25.00. Becoming a member also entitles you to receive our newsletter. If your practitioner is a member of RISA, you can ask them about becoming a member. Learn more about joining RISA here.