Classical Pulse Diagnosis course in Providence!

Happy March! I'm writing about an upcoming continuing education class that I am hosting in my office.  Sean Tuten is teaching a Classical Pulse Diagnosis course in Providence, RI on April 6th-7th.  This will be the start of the 2019 Classical Acupuncture Mentorship in New England, and will be followed by courses on Extraordinary Vessels + Luo Vessels in May and June respectively.  You can register and get more information at or check out the flyer here:

New England Classical Pulse Diagnosis

Thank you!

Yvette Koch

American Society of Acupuncture Position on Dry Needling

“The American Society of Acupuncturists (“ASA”) opposes the illegal and unsafe practice of acupuncture. “Dry needling” is a pseudonym for acupuncture that has been adopted by physical therapists, chiropractors, and other health providers who lack the legal ability to practice acupuncture within their scope of practice. This strategy allows these groups to skirt safety, testing, and certification standards put into place for the practice of acupuncture. Dry Needling is a style of needling treatment within the greater field of acupuncture. The practice of “acupuncture” includes any insertion of an acupuncture needle for a therapeutic purpose. Acupuncture training has always included both traditional and modern medical understandings.”

Read the full position statement here.

AMA Position on Dry Needling

Dr. Susan Hubbell, AAPM&R Delegate to the AMA, introduced the following resolution:

Resolution 223: Dry Needling is an Invasive Procedure

– This resolution asked our AMA to “recognize dry needling as an invasive procedure and maintain that dry needling should only be performed by practitioners with standard training and familiarity with routine use of needles in their practice, such as licensed medical physicians and licensed acupuncturists.”

Resolution was adopted.

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